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Albert Einstein While Albert Einstein - esteemed physicist, philosopher and developer of the theory of relativity - wasn't talking about the chaotic state of retail promotions when he penned the quote above, his sentiment captures a feeling many of us share. Our lives are filled with complexity - and we long to break through the clutter to find simplicity. We have more tools, but less time. We're in more meetings, with less meaning. There are more tweets, but less truth. More texting, less talking. And certainly, more sales, yet less satisfaction. Until now, we've found ourselves, like others, victims of our own history. Spending countless hours planning and promoting sale after sale - and not enough time doing the things we love. We're passionate about products, not promotions. We dream of design, not discounts. We're inspired by architecture, not advertising. We obsess about the small details, not the sale emails. After some soul-searching, we came to the following, some may say obvious, conclusions. We want to shop for what we want, when we want and receive the greatest value. No one wants their inbox flooded with sale messages and, quite frankly, we don't like sending them. None of us has the time or patience to figure out who is having a sale, or to enter endless promo codes at checkout to find the price. So, we're changing things. It's that simple. We're introducing the RH Members Program, and we invite you to join. For a $100 annual fee, you'll receive 25% savings on everything RH.* Every day. Plus, enjoy complimentary interior design services, a concierge service to manage your orders, preferred financing, plus early access and an additional discount at clearance events. To become a member, stop into one of our galleries or join online at RH.com. While we're certainly not comparing membership to his theory of relativity, we do believe Albert would agree that we have attempted to remove the clutter and make shopping with us relatively simple. Carpe Diem, Gary Friedman CHAI RMAN & CEO

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