CLOUD MODULAR SECTIONAL 18 fabrics and multiple configurations; White Perennials Classic Linen Weave shown. Components starting at $ 2095 Regular / $ 1571 Member IXTAPA FIRE TABLE 2 styles, 3 sizes and 2 finishes; Black Sand shown. Starting at $ 7595 Regular / $ 5696 Member Available in natural gas or propane fuel options. See RH.com for details. ESTATE ZINC SQUARE PLANTER 7 sizes. Starting at $ 310 Regular / $ 232 Member Furniture with stocked fabric ready for delivery in 1-2 weeks; furniture with special order fabric ready for delivery in 11-12 weeks. Unlimited furniture delivery $ 199 per order. See RH.com for details. To join the RH Members Program, visit RH.com. OUTDOOR CLOUD MODULAR SECTIONAL FABRICS Shown and stocked in White Perennials Classic Linen Weave. Available in 18 Perennials high-performance fabrics. FURNITURE COVERS Protect your investment with custom-fit outdoor furniture covers. Ready for delivery in 2-3 weeks. See page 262 for details. SHIPPING/DELIVERY Stocked fabric delivered in 1-2 weeks. Special order fabric delivered in 11-12 weeks. MATERIAL Marine-grade plywood, stainless steel hardware. Revolutionary quick-dry reticulated foam cushions. Modular Sofa Chaise Available in multiple configurations Starting at $ 14,075 / $ 10,556 Member 3-Piece Modular Sofa Available in multiple configurations Starting at $ 9285 / $ 6963 Member

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