Founded by three groundbreaking artists - Stuart Wood, Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch - in 2005, Random International creates works that engage viewers through explorations of behavior and natural phenomena. Among its most significant works is Rain Room, which aims to question and challenge human experience within a machine-made world. In 2012, after viewing early drawings of the yet-to-be-realized installation and engaging in conversations with the artists, RH Chairman and CEO Gary Friedman was inspired by a quote from Henry David Thoreau's Walden that Random International had included with their renderings: IN THE MIDST OF A GENTLE RAIN, WHILE THESE THOUGHTS PREVAILED, I WAS SUDDENLY SENSIBLE OF SUCH SWEET AND BENEFICENT SOCIETY IN NATURE, IN THE VERY PATTERING OF THE DROPS, AND IN EVERY SOUND AND SIGHT AROUND MY HOUSE, AN INFINITE AND UNACCOUNTABLE FRIENDLINESS ALL AT ONCE, LIKE AN ATMOSPHERE, SUSTAINING ME - Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854 Friedman found the text's mixture of aesthetic and philosophical ideals to be particularly compelling. He then took the next step of commissioning the artwork. What ensued was an inspired collaboration between Random International and RH Contemporary Art. After being approached by the Museum of Modern Art's director, Glenn D. Lowry, to include Rain Room in its summer 2013 exhibition, Expo 1, RH Contemporary Art decided to loan the work. When it ended its three-month run, more than 74,000 viewers had waited upwards of eight hours for an interactive encounter with rain. The LACMA exhibit, on display courtesy of RH and RH Contemporary Art, began its run in November 2015 and represents only the second time that Rain Room has been exhibited in the States. For ticket information to Rain Room at LACMA, visit lacma.org. About RH Contemporary Art RH Contemporary Art is dedicated to bringing talented artists and their work to a global audience. The program offers an engaging and curated collection of artwork across all media. An online gallery, www.rhcontemporaryart.com, highlights the artists and their practices. Founded in 2013, RH Contemporary Art presents new opportunities to view, learn about and acquire works of fine art. RAIN ROOM AT MOMA 74,000 VISITORS TO THE EXHIBITION 4,758 GALLONS OF RECYCLED WATER 328 SQUARE FEET LONGEST WAIT TIME 13 HOURS 3 ARTISTS TO CONCEIVE THE RH MEMBERS PROGRAM. SAVE 25% ON EVERYTHING. VISIT RHMODERN.COM FOR DETAILS. 313

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