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Gary Friedman Chairman / CEO IF YOUR WORDS AREN'T TRUTHFUL, THE FINEST OPTICALLY LETTER-SPACED TYPOGRAPHY WON'T HELP. - EDWARD TUFTE It's hard to argue with the truth. It's also easy to stand in silence knowing what you've presented orally, digitally or visually is honest and sincere. Undecorated and unadorned, just as Edward Tufte (celebrated professor, publisher, statistician, scientist, author and artist) would have it, in a composition that augments the information or subject, and allows one to draw the correct conclusions. That is how we approached our newest venture, RH MODERN. A process of addition and subtraction, with the goal of ensuring that anything we added rendered everything else more, rather than less, valuable. From the products to the people, the ideas and inspiration, down to the fabrics and the finishes, we have worked collaboratively across continents to create a composition that is unique and authentically our own. As we navigated through both past and present in our search for what we would call Modern, we learned a great deal. Was Modern a period that existed in the past, or is it a point of view that eclipses the present? Or can it be anything and everything, from anywhere and everywhere as long as it (as the dictionary states) "rejects traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasizes individual experimentation and sensibility?" What we learned, and came to believe, was that our collective point of view (artists, artisans, art directors, designers, photographers, merchants and manufacturers), highly debated and carefully integrated, was our truth. Items from the past were reimagined and recast with items of the present, living together in harmony. It is our authentic expression of Modern. I'm sure the historians and critics of modernity will all have a point of view and plenty of questions regarding our new venture. We would ask them to turn the pages as we stand in silence. Carpe Diem,

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