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Offering the functionality of the antique library cart that inspired it, our spacious shelving is handcrafted of iron, fitted with casters and finished with a small side cubby. G F D B WELLER BEDROOM Aged Grey, available in 2 finishes A WELLER STORAGE BED U Available in 2 sizes. Twin (shown) starting at $2199 / $1649 Member B WELLER STUDY WALL SET, BOOKCASE TOPS U $2499 / $1874 Member C VINTAGE LIBRARY BOOK CART BOOKCASE L Aged Gunmetal. $949 / $711 Member D MINI VINTAGE TOLEDO CHAIR F Steel (shown); available in 2 finishes. $289 / $216 Member E STAR INSIGNIA BEDDING COLLECTION F Charcoal. With Vintage Airplane Blueprint Sheeting. $29-$159 / $21-$119 Member F VINTAGE AIRPLANE TURKISH TOWELS P Navy; available in 3 sizes. $8-$28 / $6-$21 Member G HENLEY STRIPE SHOWER CURTAIN Navy. $69 / $51 Member H FORDSON STEEL LARGE PENDANT Weathered Rust. $229 / $171 Member I CIRCA 1900 TRAIN STATION SWING-ARM SCONCE $189 / $141 Member J VINTAGE ILLUMINATED OVERSIZED ARROW Distressed Red. $469 / $351 Member K FRENCH NAVAL CLOCK $175 / $131 Member L LIBERTY STAR POUF Charcoal (shown); available in 3 colors. $249 / $186 Member p Personalizable, see website. f Free Shipping. u Unlimited furniture delivery starting at $199 per order, p. 294. l Limited furniture delivery rates apply, p. 294.

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