RH Baby Child Page 147 Dream A Little Dream

BELLE UPHOLSTERED BEDROOM Antique Grey Mist, available in 2 finishes A BELLE UPHOLSTERED PLATFORM BED GU Available in 3 sizes. Twin (shown) starting at $1199 / $899 Member B PARISIAN SIDE TABLE L Burnished Pewter (shown); available in 2 finishes. $239 / $179 Member C HAYLAN DRESSER GU Antique Grey Mist (shown); available in 2 finishes. $1149 / $861 Member Drawer Hutch f $299 / $224 Member D RUFFLED ARABESQUE BEDDING COLLECTION F White (shown); available in 2 colors. With Vintage-Washed Percale Sheeting and Petite Fleur Quilted Bedding. $29-$219 / $21-$164 Member E MILLOU PENDANT Weathered White; available in 2 sizes. $229-$399 / $171-$299 Member F GRAND FACETED CRYSTAL TABLE LAMP $219 / $164 Member G RECTANGULAR SHADE Warm White (shown); available in 2 colors. $40 / $30 Member H FRENCH SCRIPT GRAND CANVAS WALL TAPESTRY $659 / $494 Member I HAND-CARVED ROCOCO PINBOARD $429 / $321 Member g GREENGUARD Gold Certified, p. 291. f Free Shipping. u Unlimited furniture delivery starting at $199 per order, p. 294. l Limited furniture delivery rates apply, p. 294. C D I Borrowing the intricate rococo flourish from an antique mirror, this grand pinboard elegantly frames a rotating display of photos, notes and treasured mementos.

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